In 1993, Subtropics programmed a mini-retrospective of the work of Alvin Lucier. He spent about ten days with us, wrote a piece for the Festival's ensemble titled 'Serenade for Oboe and Strings' (his first piece exploring beating patterns without the use of slow sweeping pure tones) and created an installation called 'Music for Piano and Half Closed Lid' which was on display during the Festival at the former Center for the Fine Arts (now known as Miami Art Museum). It was not until 1996, however, that we had a chance to hear 'Music for Baritone and Slow Sweep Pure Wave Oscillators'. That time it was baritone Thomas Bucker who came to Miami as a guest artist for a concert at Subtropics 8. We thought that the live recording of this piece had enough beating in it that Alvin would let us release it. But in retrospect, and compared with the recording by Tom Hamilton included in 'Breath', we agree our microphone was not located in a good place...or something. Thanks to Alvin Lucier, Thomas Buckner and Tom Hamilton for offering this recording and letting us use an excerpt for inclusion on our CD.

Click to hear an excerpt from 'Music for Baritone and Slow Sweep Pure Wave Oscilators'
by Alvin Lucier and Thomas Buckner:

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